Excellent and addictive series -even years later

Tall, Dark and Fearless - Suzanne Brockmann
This 2-in1 contains books 3 & 4 from Suzanne Brockmann’s Tall Dark and Dangerous series. With delicious alpha male heroes and just the right amount of action, suspense and melodrama to keep you coming back for more, these well written quickie romances are totally addictive.

Using proper military jargon Brockmann gives us larger than life Navy SEALs, capable of anything it seems except falling in love easily. With each story just different enough from the last that it feels fresh and unique while still connecting the series as a whole. The love scenes are soft yet still erotic (requiring just slightly more imagination and without the dirty words) and her amazing dialogue will draw you in, making the whole falling in love within days seem plausible. While each can be read as a stand-alone as with all romantic series they seem to work best when read in order due to the continuing or evolving story arcs. This is a fun, sexy, exciting series and I dare you not to fall for any member of SEAL team tens alpha squad.

First up was FRISCO'S KID and this story hit my soft spot as I love a tortured hero. Injured in Prince Joe Frisco has been undergoing operations on his shattered knee ever since. He’s just been let go from rehab however, being told he’s as fixed as he’s ever going to get. Frustrated, angry and in constant pain Frisco refuses to accept this outcome or the teaching job he was just offered, retreating instead to his 2nd floor condo where he hit’s the bottle. Before long his well meaning neighbour Mia is sticking her nose in, trying to assist her rude and often drunk neighbour. When Frisco’s wayward sister dumps her 5 year old daughter into his care he feels helpless, however this forces him to turn to Mia and a friendship soon develops. When it appears that Mia might have genuine feelings for him Frisco panics; he’s a shell of the man he used to be, what could he possibly offer her? As Frisco pulls away his sisters nasty ex-boyfriend turns up and kidnappings, gunplay, and car chases ensue with Frisco calling on alpha team for backup.

In Everyday, Average Jones when the American embassy Melody Evans is working in is overtaken by terrorists it doesn’t take long for the Navy SEALs to come to their rescue however it does take them 2 days to reach the middle eastern border and a flight to freedom. During those tense few days Melody comes to trust her daring and charismatic rescuer with her life. Blaming the extreme circumstances on the ensuing week of passion they share together in Paris. However Melody doesn’t want a relationship with a hero who risks his life on a daily basis, she plans on settling down with a everyday, average man. So when Jones gets called back to duty she thanks him for the laughs and breaks things off.

7 months later Jones gets reassigned to the east coast and because he hasn’t been able to forget about Melody he looks her up. Shocked to discover that she’s pregnant but being an honourable guy Cowboy Jones dons his dress whites and asks her to marry him. The only thing is she doesn’t want him and no amount of camping in her backyard or doing normal suburban type things will make her change her mind. My least favourite in the series, this started with so much potential but after the ‘secret baby’ storyline emerged I couldn’t stand the heroine or the ongoing conflict between her and Jones. However we do get a lot of interaction with the rest of the SEAL team and some great supporting characters.