Killer Secrets

Killer Secrets - Lora Leigh

Opening Line: "Slipping into the ICU unit of the private military hospital wasn't an easy task."


Wow, Lora Leigh has outdone herself with this addition to the Tempting Seals/Elite-Ops series. With non-stop action and enough intrigue, twists and steamy drama that you won't be sure who's playing who until the last few pages. And sexy, this is possibly the hottest LL I've ever read, and that's saying something. Ian and Kira literally burn up the pages as they each strive for dominance in a cat and mouse relationship fated from the onset.

Ever since Ian Richards abandoned the Navy Seals to lead his father's drug cartel there's been a ‘small’ price on his head, it seems everyone wants him dead these days. His former team consider him a traitor and then there's the rival cartels and assorted terrorist groups who all want a shot at him. Ian can't afford to let anyone get close; until the spirited Kira Porter enters the scene. This pair has been dancing around a relationship since the last book
, never quite getting the opportunity to act on the growing chemistry between them. Ian definitely doesn't have the time or patience to get involved with Kira now even though she might be the only one he can trust to cover his back and help him complete his mission. She's arrived just in time though because the lines are starting to blur between right and wrong, is Ian becoming the drug lord he went undercover to kill?

Kira, AKA “the chameleon” is the secret weapon of the DHS. Bold and passionate she's a master of disguise, able to blend in and assume any persona, anywhere. No one's ever been able to trace her movements except Ian who instinctively always seems to know who she is. Believing Ian to be deep undercover Kira has come to Aruba with a mission of her own, but is she already too late? And will she be able to complete her agenda, ultimately betraying Ian now that her heart is involved?

Now that I've given you the basic plot I can tell you that Ian and Kira also have a lot of sex, a lot of really hot, explicit sex. Lora Leigh, the master of the bedroom scene has managed to hook this couple up nearly every second page. Which you might think would get tedious but she manages to make each love scene just different and exciting enough. I loved watching their story unfold, as each forces the other to open their hearts, taking their relationship to new and exciting levels.

Drawing heavily on plotlines established in book2 (HIDDEN AGENDAS) people are rarely who they seem in here. As well as the power struggles between Ian and Kira we're introduced to several interesting secondary characters including the inner workings of the well written Diego Fuentes as Ian’s cartel leading father. I had surprising empathy for him by the end as he struggled to gain his sons love. Durango team remains on the fringes throughout as they try to figure out Ian's motives and fans will delight in the tidbits thrown at us regarding these past heroes from the series. The ending contains a spectacular shootout and even though you know its coming I couldn't wait to see how things would play out.

This series just gets better and better and thankfully the editing here is somewhat improved. There are still a few small mistakes like Kira removing her shoes twice but as a whole this is a great read. Nathan Malone's story is up next in  WILD CARD
and this is not to be missed, my favourite from the series. Cheers!