The story after the Happily-Ever-After

Duty & Devotion - Tere Michaels

Opening Line: " I think this couch just makes me horny"


What a great conclusion to this trilogy. It isn’t often that you get the story after the HEA and I really appreciated being allowed back into Evan and Matt’s relationship to see how things were working out for them. As is often the case their story which began in (FAITH & FIDELITY) left us with a lot of loose ends and here we are given a very complete conclusion to their romance. It was also fun to see Jim and Griffin again (LOVE & LOYALTY) and I loved the surprising and open friendship that developed between all the men.


As with all her books this is very much a character driven story which just so happens to include sexy M/M interludes. It feels wrong however to classify it as erotic just because of the occasional bit of bum lovin, I mean I’ve read that in mainstream romances too so?... Ah yes issues with labels, I think that’s what this whole book is about. Anyways Tere Michaels is also brilliant at writing multidimensional characters, including the secondary ones and I feel like everyone involved here is now a personal friend of mine. This is a fantastic series and I hope to be reading something (anything) from Ms Michaels again soon.


Matt & Evan, how much do I love these guys? It was so great to go back and revisit them and their evolving relationship. Surprisingly I did come away with a different feel to both characters then I did after reading F&F. Evan pissed me off quite a bit here and I actually felt sorry for Matt and his new househusband status, even though it appeared to be what he wanted. Their relationship still felt unequal, with Evan calling all the shots and Matt not receiving much in return. This would of course be the conflict that slowly gets resolved.


Theres not really much of a plot synopsis to give, we join Evan and Matt in their new house, Matt has taken over the role as househusband and Evan continues on with the police force and struggles with issues of labels and people knowing he’s in a same sex relationship. The return of Jim Shea pushes Evan’s jealousy buttons but forces him to face the facts and then of course theres Griffin who becomes a surprising ally and good teacher too once Evan gets over his own stereotyping.