Awesome quickie romance

Letters to Kelly - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening Line:"Kelly O'Brian lugged her heavy canvas bag of books into the back door of the university newspaper office.


This was an awesome little read that took me all of about 3 hours to finish and gave me everything I could possibly want in a romance. Charming, super fun and sexy. This story also contains a reunited lovers theme which is one of my personal favourites and comes complete with a sensitive, somewhat tortured (and very cute) beta hero as well as the hilarious historical romance character he’s writing and bantering with throughout. (The character talks back)



Letters To Kelly was also my very first foray into the world of Suzanne Brockmann. Why I’ve waited so long I have absolutely no idea?? Because if this little book, without a Troubleshooter, conspiracy or Navy SEAL in sight is any indication of her talents then I’ve got a ton of fantastic reading ahead of me.


After agreeing to take his best friends little sister to prom, T Jackson Winchester II (thankfully also known as Jax) suddenly see’s the 16 year old Kelly in a whole new light. Realizing that he’d actually been in love with her for years (this was a bit of an ick factor considering he’s known her since she was 12) He admits his feeling to her that very night and promises that the second she turns 18 he’ll propose. Kelly’s brother later catches them in a compromising situation and threatens to have Jax arrested unless he leaves town. Kelly never hears from Jax again and when her 18th birthday comes and goes she’s heartbroken.


Little does she know that for the past 2 years Jax has actually been a prisoner in a South American Jail. He hasn’t forgotten Kelly or his promise but without any way to reach her he starts composing letters to Kelly in his mind. The letters also serve to keep him sane and were another great aspect to this book. By the time Amnesty international steps in and frees Jax, Kelly has moved on and married someone else. The meat of this story takes place 3 years later with our persistent hero fighting to win back the woman he loves while maintaining a successful career as a romance writer. 


My absolute favourite parts of this book (other than the scene with the suntan lotion) would have to be the scenes where Jax is writing his historical romance novel and arguing with its hero Jared. And anyone even slightly interested in the craft of writing will appreciate these clever and often hilarious scenes.


So, it seems I’ve now joined the league of Brockmann fans. Cheers.


“Don’t use words like bitch and dude” Jax reminded him tiredly. “You live in the 1860’s or have you forgotten?” “Look at you.” Jared ignored Jax’s question. “You look like total crap--” “Crap. Another fine word for a historical romance hero.” “--You haven’t showered in days and your drinking beer at 9 o’clock in the morning--” “Morning, night what’s the difference anyway?” muttered Jax.