Get your motor running...

Riding Wild by Jaci Burton (Feb 5 2008) - Jaci Burton

Opening Line: "As assignments went, this one was odd."

RIDING WILD is the perfect fantasy escapism read. A bit like candy because you know it's bad for you yet it's oh so good. So strap on your leathers, hop on the back of Mac's Harley and hit the open road. It's sure to be quite the adventure as you dodge bullets and try to stay one step ahead of both your sexy kidnapper and the bad guys who aren't far behind. You'll be staying in tents, cheap motels and attending bike rallies along the way but you won't have any responsibilities. (Think no job, kids, husbands or laundry to worry about.) Just the wind in your face, the open road ahead of you and an engine purring between your thighs. So wrap your arms around that bad-boy hunk you've never quite been able to forget, snuggle in behind his broad shoulders and get ready to use him for a no strings affair.

Yeah, I really liked this book. It was fun, exciting and very, very sexy. Mac as our hero is never quite who he appears to be. Still it seems, running from a troubled past and the one woman he could never forget. Lily West is no longer the virginal girl he left behind either but now a spirited P.I who's pushed her memories of Mac aside and isn't going to believe his lies anymore.

Our couple are reunited at a museum as Lily attempts to stop a priceless artifact from being stolen. She'd never expected to see Mac again and it appears he hasn't changed either, he's still a thief. As the bullets start flying it's all Mac can do to keep Lily out of harms way and not blow his cover. She has no intention of going anywhere with him however and may just shoot him on the spot. All of which means Mac's going to have to resort to kidnapping to keep her quiet.

This is going to be quite the trip down memory lane as our couple hits the road. Mac can't tell her who he's now working for and Lily is willing to use any way necessary to steal the artifact back, even if it means using sex as a weapon. This time Lily's going to leave Mac just the way he left her years before; loving her and wanting more.
I can highly recommend RIDING WILD which is the first of the erotic Wild Riders series. I'm planning another escape soon with the follow up (Riding Temptation) Cheers.