Why did I wait so long to start this series?

Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare

Opening Line: “Kara McMillan was going to kill her best friend.”

So how good was this! Thanks to everyone who kept recommending this series to me over and over (and over) again, now I get what all the fuss has been about. And Pamela Clare well what can I say, this is the 7th book of yours I’ve read now, covering two genres and they’ve all been 5 star reads, so thanks for being amazing.

One of the reasons I put this off for so long was that I just couldn’t get into a politician as our hero. Yeah I made assumptions, because I couldn’t believe that a stuffy, suited, paper pusher could be so, freakin hot! Or for that matter even slightly interesting, I mean at some point his character is going to have to do political stuff which is always so bor-ing, and yes Reece does hang out at the capital and pass bills and vote on shit but he’s also so much more. Okay I’m just going to say it; Reece Sheridan is the perfect man, a total keeper.

I’ll admit I still cringed a bit when he was described as wearing a bow tie ...um no thanks but the Senator makes up for his fashion sense in so many other ways; like his extreme cooking skills, he’s great with kids, he’s also funny, has a six-pack, knows his wines, and drives a jeep (I wonder if it’s a CJ or a YJ ?) He has a compassionate yet take charge nature and goes all alpha and growly in the bedroom, he’s also good with his hands i.e. he has the ability build a cabin in the woods complete with a bed made from tree branches and then take you outside in the snow and have mountain lion sex with you !! Jeez Louise.

Okay where was I? I’m all befuddled now. Right, Extreme Exposure book is  book 1 in the I-team series, centering around Kara McMillian a single mother and hard hitting journalist with a penchant for margaritas and purple jiggly things (god those scenes made me laugh) Kara is struggling to be a full time mum  for her son while still holding down a full time job. She’s given up on any hope of a love life after the disaster that was her son’s father and the fact that her boss is a bit of an ass and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

When Kara receives an anonymous tip from an employee at the Northrup Mining Corp regarding a host of environmental crimes including the dumping and disposal of toxic waste (I admit I had flashes of Erin Brockovich here) Launching into her investigation Kara soon realizes she’s got the potential for a huge story on her hands. People’s lives are at stake and the extent of the corruption is beyond anything she could have imagined, going all the way to; you guessed it, the senate which does put a kink into her blossoming affair with a certain politician. Before long he’s also on her list of suspects and Kara’s running for her life.

This was just all out fantastic read, superbly written with believable, well rounded characters, sex scenes that were off the charts hot, an exciting suspenseful and interesting storyline that stayed out of OTT territory and kept me engrossed with moments of humour, vulnerability, intrigue and passion. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead next.  Cheers.