Taylor's Temptation - Another great TD&D instalment

Taylor's Temptation - Suzanne Brockmann

Opening Line: “Navy Seal Chief Bobby Taylor was in trouble.”


#10 is my favourite book from the whole series… Hmmm haven’t I said that before? (The Admirals Bride, Prince Joe, Frisco, Hawken) Anyways this one was super good.


You really can’t go wrong with any of the books from Suzanne Brockmann’s Tall Dark & Dangerous series though. They’re all well written, with to-die-for Navy SEAL heroes (who usually shed a tear in the name of love) and just the right amount of action, suspense and sweet, sweet romance to keep you coming back for more. I think this instalment might be the sexiest of the bunch too (have I said that before?) Poor Taylor, struggling to keep his hands off his best BUD’s little sister. And she isn’t helping matters either because she wants him and nothing he says will change her mind. Yup, this is going to be his toughest mission yet.



Bobby Taylor is the 10th member of Alpha squad to have his story told and we begin with him taking a couple bullets for his best friend and swim buddy Wes Skelly. These guys are close, having been friends since hell week and now able to function almost as one. Finishing each other sentences and relying on the other without question when the shit hit’s the fan. When Wes is called out on the teams latest op he asks the still recovering Bobby to go to Boston and try to talk some sense into his little sister Colleen who has joined an earthquake relief organization and is planning on travelling into a known terrorist hot spot.


Unfortunately Wes doesn’t know just how much he’s asking because Taylor’s had a thing for his best friend’s sister for years and well, now it would just be him. And her. And she’s all grown up and beautiful and sexy as hell and funny and outrageous and she wants him just once, just until he leaves and Wes is going to kill him, Wes should kill him, it might be worth it. Help!


I just loved this story. The characters are so well written and that they come alive and I felt all of their emotions. The internal dialogue and sexual tension is excellently done as is Bobby’s desire for Colleen and his subsequent guilt and struggles with loyalty to Wes. Bobby never stood a chance against Colleen though who is a fun and delightful temptress; I never knew what she was going to say next and when they finally get together it’s sizzling.


There’s also several LOL moments especially the scenes with Colleen’s three goofy college friends. And as always updates and brief appearances from the other TEAM members including Admiral Jake (sigh) Towards the end we even get a brief mission to the made up country of Tulgaria. Why do authors do this?


This is an excellent addition to the series which has thankfully been re-released as 2-in-1’s with   WAY better covers

Taylor’s Temptation can be found in in Tall, Dark & Deadly.   Tall, Dark and Deadly  Get Lucky and Taylor's Temptation    Cheers