In the Dark (SEAL Team 12, #2)

In the Dark - Marliss Melton

Opening Line: "The high pitched whine of a mosquito roused Hannah from a drug induced sleep."

In The Dark is the 2nd book from Melton’s SEAL Team 12 series, which as a whole is pretty good. It's got a Brockmann-“ish” feel to it, in that its well written, more romantic then suspenseful, and filled with great secondary characters as well as a couple of romantic sub plots. The story here relies heavily on events started back in book 1 (FORGET ME NOT) so I couldn’t recommend it as a stand alone.

Hannah Geary is a CIA agent introduced to us towards the end of Gabe's book. At that time she was investigating suspected arms dealers when her partner was killed and she was kidnapped. When we open Hannah is being held prisoner in Cuba, she’s no damsel in distress however and is doing a fine job of rescuing herself when Team 12 finally shows up. Hannah is then placed in the protection of SEAL's Luther and Westy who decide to work together to locate the arms dealers and prove Gabe's "Jaguar" innocence as he’s somehow wound up back in jail since his HEA in the last book.

Where do I begin with our hero Luther? He’s nursing a wounded heart after finding out his fiancé was cheating on him so the last thing he’s looking for right now is a relationship. However being put in close quarters with Hannah is proving difficult, she’s perfect for him, and they have so much in common, including (unfortunately) a career. You see Luther only wants a woman who will stay home and have his babies while he goes off on missions. He definitely doesn’t want to get involved with someone who’ll be risking her life for country and not putting him first. Hmmm? Anyways Hannah agrees, there’s simply no future for them because she’s worked too hard to get to this stage in her career to give it up for a man.  That doesn’t mean they can’t scratch a shared itch while they work the case together though.

Now I have to be honest here; while there was nothing particularly wrong with this book (save the chauvinist attitude of our heroes) I struggled to get through it, putting it down several times and only finishing on principle. I just couldn’t get engaged in the story, never felt any true connection between the H/h, the love scenes were meh, and I was less then surprised by the identity of the bad guy. (No kidding)

I also found the stalker-esque secondary love story between Sebastian and Leila unnecessary and just plain weird. When we first entered their POV I actually thought he was a bad guy not another romantic lead as he was sneaking around having all these crazy possessive thoughts and tampering with her car. All in the hopes that he would be able to come to her rescue and she would be forced to spend time with him. Nice basis for a relationship.

Maybe Cindy Gerard and Pamela Clare have just ruined me for any other romantic suspense?