Fun, fresh, addictive and then there'a Clive

Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton

Opening line: ”Oh God.” Thump. “Oh God.” Thump, thump. What the….”Oh God, that’s so good!”


Wallbanger, Ha, I freakin loved this book. Just awesome. A great story  (made me laugh) an addictive romance (are they ever going to make it into bed?) and a very fresh voice in chick lit (reminding me of a updated and naughtier Jennifer Crusie.
I’ll admit this wasn’t as sexy as I was expecting. What I mean is that with a title like “Wallbanger” I was anticipating a story more on the erotic side. Not that I was disappointed here, the sexual tension more than makes up for it, as well as the fact that when they finally do get it on… Damn it’s one of the better love scenes I’ve ever read. Hello kitchen counter. Let’s just say Simon lives up to the expectations and how!

Wallbanger also became one of those rare books that I found myself thinking about throughout the day (like at work) and I also realized that the unique and clever writing style had somehow infiltrated my brain, because for a while my own (boring)internal dialogue morphed into something resembling Caroline’s witty ongoing POV. I saw everything in a whole new way and made tons of snarky comments to myself which was fun while it lasted and a sure sign to me of a great read.

Caroline is a super relatable heroine. Down to her missing O, her neurotic cat, her confused and well-meaning BFF’s, her love affair with her mix master. This is a girl that I could be friends with. Of course I might try to steal her man because Simon, jeez. Simon… Yummy six-pack sporting, photographer, who is way more than he first appears(sounds) and just delicious in every way. A definite new literary boyfriend.

I’ll be honest; this did try too hard at times. The hot tub scene/weekend cabin adventure comes to mind and I also found that it stalled out a bit towards the end. And then ended and ended again. I felt like I read about 5 different closings. Of course then we get Clive’s epilogue and all is forgiven. That was brilliant. Speaking of Clive, yes we have to talk about the cat….

Clive: He stole every scene he was in, in fact I would read an entire book from his  POV  (should Alice Clayton grant us such a thing) His closing thoughts as he stalks around, clearing the apartment of rouge Q-tips during his “night watch” was just brilliant.

A few other random things I loved…. The entire circle of misfit friends, the text messages and surprising (but hilarious) look into everyone’s heads. The ongoing nicknames; cockblocker, nightie girl, Wallbanger. The banter, the sexual tension, the love scenes!! The fact that Caroline didn’t run herself down, like we all do. She had realistic confidence and that was refreshing. (Thanks to her Gran) Cheers 356jb5