Another drool-worthy hero from (my hero) Pamela Clare

Naked Edge - Pamela Clare

Opening Line: Gabriel Rossiter unzipped his pants only far enough to free his…"


Well, what can I say? Another fantastic addition to the I-Team series (#4) I’ve come to the conclusion that Pamela Clare can do no wrong, as each book in this series is unputdownable. Just excellent romantic suspense that never dumbs down the reader. Actually I think that’s what I appreciate most about her writing (besides the smoking hot love scenes) the fact that Clare writes a clever story with characters you can believe in, faults and all. I never catch myself going yeah right, that’s ridiculous with one of her books and I usually learn a thing or two as well.

And DAMN, let’s just get this out of the way, can she ever write a drool worthy hero. Gabe… oh my god do they get much yummier than him (acknowledging all her past heroes of course.) But Gabe, the climber, the descriptions of him scaling rock faces, hanging on by his fingertips while his muscles bulge and tense just about did me in. These men of Pamela’s truly are in a league of their own. How could a girl ever choose a favourite?
Wearing only his dark green uniform trousers he was climbing on the underside of an overhanging lip of rock perhaps thirty feet above the ground. She couldn’t see any ropes…”    .

“His body moved like she’d never seen a body move before, powerful arms reaching for handholds, fingers gripping holds she couldn’t see, his feet finding their own invisible purchase. His body seemed weightless, muscles bunching and shifting in their own rhythms as he worked his way along the length of the overhang, his motions strong and beautiful. Oh. My.”

So yeah now that I’ve got that out of my system. Naked Edge is actually a very sweet love story in amongst all the bullets and danger, revolving around journalist and Navajo nation member Katherine James and “Rock Jock” Park Ranger/adrenaline junkie Gabriel Rossiter. I won’t go into the plot as there are already so many fabulous reviews out there but I will say that there was a shocking event towards the end that I had to read twice because I just couldn’t believe it and add a couple of things I loved.

-Loved that Marc Hunter and Darkangelo had significant page space here, so that as well as giving us updates on their lives we get to see that their new bromance is progressing well (Dorkangelo) these guys are hilarious together. I can easily see Gabe joining their ranks.

-Loved all the Navajo nation, Diné history and language and have to compliment Pamela Clare on her extensive research and the time and love she puts into every one of her stories. It is noticed and appreciated.

-Loved, loved, loved the epilogue. 10 months later which really gives you an insight into their HEA and how their new life together is progressing. Very well I might add!
Cheers 381jb4